Open Internet Policies & FCC Disclosure

Service Policies

A customer service representative will schedule an appointment for a service technician to visit your home concerning all service problems reported during normal business hours.

Please allow a time frame of 30 minutes for our service technicians to arrive for the scheduled appointments. Our “appointment window” ranges from 15 minutes before or 15 minutes after the scheduled appointment. If for any reason we run late on appointments, one of our customer representatives will contact you and inform you of the situation.

We have a service technician on call for any service problems that may occur after normal business hours. Please leave a message on the voice mail answering service and one of our service technicians will contact you regarding your cable television problem.

It is our policy to require that someone over the age of 18 be home and present during any service installation appointment. If this is not possible, we will gladly reschedule another appointment.

For reasons of safety, we require that all pets be restrained while our technician is at your home or business.

Billing Questions

When will I receive my bill?
You will receive your cable bill during the first week of each month.

What day is my payment due?
The due date is the 28th of each month. Payment must be recorded in our office by the 28th or you will be charged a late fee of $3.00.

Reminder notices are prepared on the 29th, or the next business day, following the due date. This reminder indicates the disconnect date. You could have at least five business days before disconnection, depending on whether the fifth day falls before a
non-business day. You must pay the monthly bill and the late fee to avoid disconnection.

Our final notices are computer generated and are automatically sent out on the specified date. Payments my be delayed due to the mail system and will be posted as soon as they are received. If you do receive a final notice and you have sent your payment on time, please call us to verify all information and have any problems corrected.

Suspension Policies

If you are disconnected, you must pay all charges that are due. In addition, there is an $18.00 reconnect fee in order to have your service restarted.

If you fail to pay the monthly bill and late fee, you will be disconnected from service. We know that sometimes emergencies arise that prevent you from paying your bill on time. If you notify us of your intention to pay and do so promptly, we will delay disconnection for an agreed-upon period of time. You must, however, make the full payment in that specified amount of time.

If you fail to pay your balance after disconnection, your account will be turned over to the Credit Bureau for collection.

A $15.00 field payment convenience fee will be applied to all accounts with unpaid balances sent to the field for collection.

NSF Checks will have a $25.00 processing fee in addition to any bank charges that are assessed by the issuing bank.